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Hi everyone and welcome to my web site. I am the author of three published books. The first book is a short autobiography about my Navy service. The second book is a mystery detective story about the missing college co-eds in the midwest. The third book is a thriller about the Serial Shooters in Phoenix, Arizona. In the third book I go into the true character of these drug induced killers.

He is currently writing his 4th thriller book and it should be published sometime in 2017. He is also working on getting College Predator, and Serial Shooters made available on Kindle. Both of these books are currently available on trade paperback first edition.

 All of my books are available at Amazon and most online bookstores. Happy reading everyone. I know the stories are dark but someone has to expose these serial killers and their heinous crimes. 

 Take sometime and browse my web site. I also have my e-mail available so don't hesitate to contact me or sign my guestbook. I will try to return all e-mails. I hope you enjoy my website and have a nice day. Also be careful out there the world is turning into a very dangerous place. Keep writing and shooting for the stars.

Sincerely, T.A. Hemming

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